Everybody eats.

Together, we can create community, opportunity, and really good food in Oakland.

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Incoming wealth and the resulting displacement are shifting the socioeconomic fabric of Oakland.

Despite being a sector employing large numbers of low-income people and people of color, the “local food movement” largely benefits and is marketed to the gentry class.

Neither of these facts is inevitable.

Imagine a place where people who make, grow, support, and eat Good Food* can gather, collaborate, celebrate, and learn.

Imagine what’s possible when each of these people, businesses, and organizations is invited to bring their expertise and capacity to a movement, a purpose, and a community that is greater than the sum of our missions.

Imagine what this community could do to grow good food businesses, create good jobs and opportunities for wealth-building, empower under-resourced communities, and sustain the diverse, resilient, community-minded city we all love.

This place is Urbivore.

A vision-in-progress, Urbivore aims to offer an affordable shared kitchen, technical support, co-working for aligned organizations, event space, community programming, and more, made possible through partnership and collaboration. By bringing an ecosystem of stakeholders together under one roof, we can do more and do better for all of us and for Oakland.

Did You Know...

As of Q3 2015, Oakland unemployment is at a 20-year low. The difference between Black and White unemployment is near a 20-year high.

Did You Know...

Oakland lost 24% of its African American population between 2000-2010.

Did You Know...

In 2013, 53% of our low-income households were in neighborhoods experiencing or at risk of displacement. In 2015, the cost of housing leapt 20%.

Did You Know...

In the 1940s, food manufacture was the second most important industry in Oakland, creating a pathway to the middle class.

Did You Know...

If 1/3 of all existing small business in America hired just one more person, our country would have zero unemployment.

Change is Possible.

Together, we can funnel incoming wealth into existing communities and ensure that the Bay Area’s rising tide lifts all our boats.

* Good Food is grown, made, sold, and eaten in ways that honor the value and wellbeing of people, place, and communities. Good Food is not just for people with money and privilege: everybody eats. It is only in a world where everybody eats Good Food that we can all be well – and more than well, we will all be better.